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What on Earth is Quantum Computing?!?

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You might have heard that quantum computers can break public key encryption. You might also have heard that you can buy a quantum computer today, or run programs on one via a cloud service. Yet TLS does not seem to be broken! What is going on? It’s hard to tell, because most “explanations” of quantum computing are either marketing brochures or written for an audience of physics postdocs. This talk will clearly explain what we know about quantum computing today, and how it is relevant to software professionals now and in the near future. We’ll focus on the security space in particular and discuss what quantum computers can do besides factor large integers. Come with questions, leave with a clear vision for how new computing technologies may change your work in the decades to come!


Craig Stuntz Headshot
Craig Stuntz

Craig Stuntz is Director of Consulting at Improving. He is a software engineer and lifelong student of computer science, with specific interests in programming languages, type theory, compilers, and math. He co-founded the Columbus branch of Papers We Love, a reading group for people interested in academic computer science research. In his spare time, he plays Irish traditional music on the wooden flute and tin whistle.

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