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Technical Community Panel: Virtual Meetups are Real

Fri, October 30 12:00 PM CDT - 1:00 PM CDT
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Technical communities bring people together to learn new skills and support one another. The way in which we meet has changed. But the need to learn and support remains the same.
Join a conversation with a panel of technical community leaders to discuss how we adapt to a new way of meeting. What are the trends in community support? What challenges are user groups facing? What solutions have we tried? What new opportunities have we unlocked? 
We don't yet know what technical communities will look like in the next few years. But it seems pretty clear that they will look different than they have in the past. Help us figure out how best to meet up.


Michael Perry, Principal Consultant
Michael Perry

Software is math. Michael L Perry has built upon the works of mathematicians like Bertrand Meyer, James Rumbaugh, and Donald Knuth to develop a mathematical system for software development. He has captured this system in a set of open source projects, Update Controls and Correspondence. As a Principal Consultant at Improving, he applies mathematical concepts to building scalable and robust enterprise systems. You can find out more at

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