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Software development and us, the way we have evolved together

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Software has been around for a while now, mutating into the next thing humankind adopts to change the way we behave, communicate, meet, make a living and live as social animals, the same thing is true in terms of how we think when creating software, how we build it and approach the myriad abstractions it is born from into code, functionality and presentation.

This talk takes us on a trip through time visiting some major milestones and paradigm shifts of the past 30-ish years (mostly covering the birth of web and the big leaps and twists it's history represents for humankind and the software development community) and a snapshot of where it has brought us and where we are today in terms of tools, methodologies and mindset, pushing for awareness that, at least in terms of software development, we build the world we live in, determine how it matures and how we build it every day more than anytime before.



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