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Quality Assurance with a Developer Mindset

Fri, December 17 12:00 PM CST - 1:00 PM CST
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The role of quality assurance has been changing.  With automated tests and a closer integration of QAs in development teams in some organizations, there’s a gradual blending of roles.  Much of this derives from the changing roles of automated tests.  In this talk, I’ll walk through the different kinds of tests, where they fit in, and how this changes the role of QAs today.


Ahmed Hammad

Ahmed has been a programmer for more years than he’d care to admit.  He's worked in a variety of organizations, including those without QAs.  As a result, He's had to take on impromptu/ad-hoc QA roles himself on occasion, which gives him a foot in both worlds.  When not programming, Ahmed is playing chess (badly), reading, writing and programming for fun.

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