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Problems you shouldn't solve with code

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Telling a user they shouldn't do something is different than telling them they can't... especially when physical reality chooses to disagree.
* What do I do if the patient doesn't know their birth date or SSN?  Add garbage data?  Stop them from proceeding / saving?
* If the warehouse stocker put it on a different shelf than the one I told them to (i.e. because of a spill or a broken shelf), do I tell them they didn't / can't?
* How hard is it in a distributed system to prevent duplicates, rather than clean them up after they occur?


Eric Huckabay headshot
Eric Huckabay

Eric Huckabay is a Director of Consulting with Improving. He has 20 years of experience in software consulting; a background in agility, artificial intelligence, software development, with a strong appreciation of trade-offs and nuance. He believes that dynamic tension between conflicting goals drives the interesting problems in the world, and looks forward to hearing about yours.

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