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A junior developer you work with wants to push their career forward by learning something new, and you wonder how you can help. A friend of yours wants to learn how to code, and you want to be a friend and assist in getting them started. You have a chance to create and lead some technical training for a group of adults, but you’ve never been trained in education, so how do you get started?

Teaching software development to adults is an exciting but difficult challenge. As someone who has spoken frequently at technical meetups, been involved in mentoring programs inside companies, and has taught developer bootcamps full-time, I’ve learned a lot. In this talk I’ll go through many lessons I’ve learned, from my failures and successes, and point to some resources that will help you be a better tech educator.


Eric Sowell

Eric is a Principal Consultant for Improving, President of this North Dallas Developer Group (, developer, and coding instructor. He is the author of a mostly out-of-date book, Mobile ASP.NET MVC 5. When not coding, he likes to read, study history, Bible, and dead languages, think a lot about teaching, and play Minecraft with the kids. To keep up-to-date with Eric's strange technology, education, Latin, and Greek adventures, you can follow him on Twitter (, subscribe on Youtube (, or follow him on his blog (

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