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At Improving, we are committed to being a company that provides an environment where learning and growing are encouraged. That's why so many of our Improvers are passionate thought leaders in their fields who love to share their knowledge and experience with others. Topics ranging from technical development, to agile methodologies and even company culture talks are an example of the range of passions our Improvers enjoy engaging with others about.

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Wed, June 10
12:00 PM CST
All About CodeLaunch

CodeLaunch is the startup accelerator where professional technology consultants architect and code products for founders, with no cost, no equity surrendered, and no strings attached. Some of the questions that will be answered are; Why did we create CodeLaunch? What is the History of CodeLaunch? How does CodeLaunch align with Improving’s mission and Conscious Capitalism? Who is CodeLaunch for? What are some of the companies that were born at CodeLaunch? What is the future of CodeLaunch? What do I need to apply to CodeLaunch? Who attends CodeLaunch? What can I expect if I make the finalists list?

CodeLaunch 8 is September 10 at the Comerica Center in Frisco, TX. Please visit CodeLaunch for more details.

Thu, June 11
12:00 PM CST
Digital Marketing 101

As our digital footprint continues to evolve and become more prominent, digital marketing has never been more vital to a business' success. However, with the vast number of marketing channels and tactics available, finding out where to begin can be overwhelming.

In this Lunch & Learn, Code Authority's Digital Marketing Manager, Cory Hascal, and SEO/PPC Guru, John Smith, will be hosting a free, virtual educational session in which they discuss digital marketing basics, effective strategies you can immediately implement into your business, and review the impact that an effective digital marketing campaign can have on the success of your organization.

If your organization is struggling to generate website traffic and leads - or you simply want to increase your raw sales, be sure to tune into this invaluable session.

Fri, June 12
12:00 PM CST
Securing Data to Work Remotely

The ability to work remotely is no longer just a benefit but a necessity under today’s global pandemic. As a cloud platform, Microsoft 365 has been critical to many businesses enabling their employees to work from home, but has this exposed them to even more risk by potentially exposing their confidential data to the outside world?

In this session we will discuss many of the common challenges with enabling employees to work from home and how security controls in Microsoft 365 can immediately prevent exposure. With the right Microsoft 365 security controls in place, you can support your employees to be safe at home all while not losing sleep over your data being at risk.

Wed, June 17
12:00 PM CST
These Are Not The Tests You Are Looking For

Are you using test automation on your Agile team(s)? You should be! If you are, are you successful? Are you getting value out of your tests? I'm going to share some strategies that I have found to be successful at squeezing every last bit of value out of your test automation strategy. Some of them are technical and some of them are related to process and culture.

If you have a bad feeling about your test suites or feel like you are having to force your teams to pay attention to them, then maybe those tests are not the tests you're looking for. 

I may not be your only hope. But maybe I can help give you some ideas (apologies to Mr. Lucas).

Thu, June 18
12:00 PM CST
Digitally Transforming the Commercial Construction Space

Estimating and bidding on RFP's are critical to the commercial construction industry. Submitting upwards of 60 proposals per quarter is an extremely time-consuming component of their business and with so many competitors in the space, it's vital to be fast, accurate, and organized.

Automating this process allows commercial construction businesses to provide more accurate estimates, organize their database, and deliver proposals quick - ultimately, giving them an upper hand over the competition.

Wed, June 24
12:00 PM CST
How Power BI Changed my Marriage

Power BI introductory course with data from Amazon account to show purchases. Connections, importing/transforming data and visualizations will be covered.

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Past Learning Events

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The Three Ways for awesome DevOps

How do you achieve excellence, clear out bad habits, and bring your delivery to the level of Amazon, Microsoft, and Google? The practice and tools of DevOps can help you start, but accelerate your delivery and execution by learning how The Three Ways transforms ordinary DevOps to amazing DevOps. Learn how each Way ties into faster delivery while smashing through bottlenecks, achieving sprint goals, while decreasing bugs and unplanned work.

Project to Product (Panel Discussion)

Projects have brought us a long way. They have given us well-packaged accomplishments. We often feel like we got something done. The problem for quite some time is we don’t actually get to be done. Our market does not allow it. Our competitors are in our market, and they aren’t going to give us a break. How do we address the dynamic and increasingly complex landscape of an organization looking to do what it does, with an eye towards Products over Projects? Join us to discuss this topic with a panel of experienced product owners and product managers, to see perspectives on what the current landscape is and what it’s becoming.

Migrating Small & Medium Business to the Cloud

In today's connected world it is increasingly important to move your business solutions to the cloud so that you and your customers can work efficiently and securely from anywhere in the world. There are many reasons why moving your small or medium sized business to the cloud would be beneficial, but approaching the move can seem daunting without a clear plan of action. Learn why the cloud is the future and how to get there in an informative session led by Senior Azure Architect John Anderson.

Remote Product Ownership - Steering the Ship from Afar

Product Ownership is hard enough when your dedicated development team is around the corner from you. So how can you be as effective when your whole team is distributed? This practical session will cover a bunch of tools and techniques you can use as a remote Product Owner to continue communicating vision, maximizing value, and validating your product direction.

We will demonstrate ways to collaborate on your Product Backlog, participate in Scrum events, setup other important team and stakeholder cadences, and ways to keep morale high in uncertain times. Whether you are a Product Owner, a Product Manager, or just interested in the topic, come join Don McGreal, author of the best-selling “The Professional Product Owner" book for this engaging session.

Improving now offers virtual interactive PSM and PSPO classes.

Collaborating with Teams Remotely

As working from home has become the new normal, Microsoft Teams has been enabling your employees to stay in touch and collaborate, but are you making the most of Teams? Most people view Microsoft Teams as instant messaging and web conferencing, but in this discussion we will go below the surface to discuss things like working together using shared whiteboards, making and receiving voice calls, using live events to reach everyone in your business and other capabilities and features to help your employees be productive while working remotely.

Automation Is Not Optional

Automation is more than a buzzword, more than a practice, it’s a necessary part of the future success of companies. In good times, the demand for services exceeds the ability to hire skilled works, and in bad, the costs of maintaining a company can exceed the market demand. Seeking out automation technologies can help a company scale up and down responsibly – meeting the customer demand where it’s at, and keeping their workforce focused on building core value for the company. In this one hour session, Erik will talk about the intersection of three critical aspects of automation – worker enablement, process automation, and development acceleration. By viewing common business friction points through an automation lens, we can remove barriers that keep companies from being nimble in a changing world.

Flexbox Fundamentals

You've all probably heard about flexbox, but what all can it do? Where can you use it? Join Bryce Thorson to learn about flexbox and how to use it in your next project. We’ll go through the fundamentals of this incredibly useful CSS module to learn how to properly utilize flexbox to create modern and responsive html layouts.

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