Getting started with GitHub Actions

Do you have a repository on GitHub? If so, have you configured GitHub Actions to help automate all the tasks associated with your project? Do you believe your project is too large or too small for Github actions? You would be wrong on that account. It doesn't matter if the release necessitates the creation of an installer, a push to a web server, the creation of a Docker container, or the updating of a .NET worker service running on a Raspberry Pi. Flexibility is one of the strong suits of GitHub Actions! Come to my talk and I will go over the main features along with demonstrations of setting up workflows in GitHub proper and self-hosted on a remote device. Github actions make it fun and easy to add a CI/CD pipeline to any project. If you are using GitHub now for any project, you already have access to Github Actions. There is no project too big or too small for actions. Actions can do way more than "compile code." So, come to my talk and I will show you how!

Harold Pulcher

Senior Consultant
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