Not Your Average Summer

Hannah Willis // July 26, 2019

Being a part of Improving means being a part of a family. A family that is able to stick with you through the ups and downs, as well as nurture you to be the best version of yourself. A family that lives and breathes the values that they preach and shares that positivity with everyone they come across. 

The community we have witnessed and been a part of at Improving is completely unique to any other environment any of us have worked at before. Whether it be that we are doing technical work or checking inventory, there is always a sense of pride in what we do. 

Having the opportunity to contribute to the Marketing, Sales, Operations and Recruiting departments aided us in learning how to navigate through new environments quickly and successfully. We learned how to function in these departments with organization, time management, and of course, a positive attitude. There were many times where we found success in our work and there were also a lot of opportunities to learn foreign concepts. Through these departments, we were able to use our skills and newly acquired knowledge to learn and develop department-specific skills as well. Additionally, going through daily scrum helped us get out of our comfort zone and present our ideas to our coworkers.

As our internship went on we realized that being able to have such a wonderful experience makes for a bittersweet goodbye. Even though this isn’t the end of our relationship with Improving, we know that we have to move on from our current positions here and look ahead towards the future. With the Improving values of trust, dedication, involvement, and excellence, we can confidently say that we understand what it means to live out these values not only in the workplace, but in ourselves. 

Thoughts From Our Interns

Brooke McMillan

As a recent high school grad, I was super excited for this internship because of the opportunity to work in the corporate world. The environment is so friendly and new ideas and conversations are welcomed. I previously worked in retail for several years and I used to fret about going to work. Now I wake up excited to go to Improving. I’ve also built so many different relationships in each department of the office and learned so many new concepts. It feels unreal that my internship at Improving is coming to an end. I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend my summer. I’m so thankful for this opportunity. Thank you to everyone who helped me get here (shout out to my awesome dad) and those who helped me grow! 


Gabriel DeAnda

The days leading up to my first day of work at Improving, my first day of work ever, were stressful. I had no idea what to expect or any idea of how I was going to fulfill the requirements of the position I was taking on, but as soon as I arrived all of my fears vanished. This truly is an environment that is unique in its practices and methods. I feel as if I am a part of something greater when I come into the office, and even though some things were more exciting than others, I enjoyed my internship very much. Learning everything from data analysis to taking inventory was exceptionally transforming for my understanding of the business world as well as what it means to be an Improver. Due to the amazing culture that I have been immersed in, I can happily say that this time has given me invaluable skills and knowledge that will help me in my career and everyday life alike. 


Siri Bafna

Getting the opportunity to be an intern at Improving has been one of my most eye-opening experiences. Whether it be through reading leadership books together, early morning scrum, or even just a casual conversation in the kitchen, being an Improver has showed me what it’s like to work alongside not only my coworkers, but a group of people I have come to feel is my family. Never have I seen so many people dedicated and ready to contribute to my own personal growth and provide me with every tool necessary to progress in life. Additionally, through the four departments I explored, the company's motto “Trust changes everything” was a concept that was significantly practiced. This showed me how confidence and trust in one another are one of the strongest, most powerful principles that keep a business, and more so, a mission moving progressively. I am incredibly grateful that I was able to take part in a purpose so strong, and hope to use my new teachings in every step through my career and personal life.

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