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Shelby Sansone // December 20, 2021

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“We already feel like we’re one organization. It feels natural and authentic.” - Josh Harrison, Improving Ohio President

Our Columbus and Cleveland offices are merging together to create Improving Ohio! The two enterprises will officially become one on January 1, 2022. 


Josh Harrison, Improving Ohio President

Current Columbus President Josh Harrison will continue his role with Improving Ohio. He believes the two offices have complementary skillsets that will benefit each other as they work closely together. While Cleveland is great at infrastructure and all things Microsoft, Columbus has a lot of application development knowledge, especially on the Microsoft Azure platform.

“We think as we bring those two offices together, we will become the destination for everything that sits on the Azure platform," Josh said about the merger. "Everything from infrastructure to AppDev and beyond.”

Now that the enterprises are merging, he believes Improving Ohio will be able to do everything for their clients, instead of having to reach out to other offices for help. 

“This gives us the ability to be that real, trusted adviser, and help clients across the spectrum with what they truly need," he said.

Though the merge officially takes place in the beginning of the new year, Improvers from both enterprises have already started to team up. Recruiting and sales teams are collaborating, and delivery teams are working on projects together.

“We already feel like we’re one organization," Josh said. "It feels natural and authentic.”

For more information on our Improving Ohio enterprise and capabilities, reach out!

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