Improver Spotlight - Rick Smith

Meagan Thompson // February 21, 2018
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Meet Rick Smith, Director of Consulting. He first joined the Improving team as an Agile Project Manager in 2010. Now, Rick actively works with current clients and functions as a member of the Leadership team at Improving.

"On a typical day, I may spend time with consultants to discuss their career plans," Rick shares. "I also spend time working on corporate goals and initiatives.”

“I see strong leadership at Improving, where we focus on creating a culture of trust and excellence, which leads to success within our organization. As part of the leadership team, I’m fortunate to be a part of our success where we collaborate to improve through our deliberate practices and consistency of purpose."

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Though Rick officially became an Improver eight years ago, his history with Improving began prior to that. He met and began working with many people who later joined the Improving family.

"I knew much of the team and most of the leaders before I made the move to Improving,” Rick shares. "Improving is unique. One important aspect is that we are consciously and deliberately creating an environment of trust here and with all of our stakeholders.”

"Improving is unique. One important aspect is that we are consciously and deliberately creating an environment of trust here and with all of our stakeholders." -- Rick Smith, Director of Consulting

During his time at Improving, Rick has had the opportunity to work on many different projects with our clients.

"I would say one of my favorites has been the Agile Transformation of a large airline," Rick shares. "At the time, we started this effort there weren’t many companies heading down the road to agile transformation. Many companies were reluctant to try agile, but not at this engagement. The company went all in.

During this time, I had opportunities to build custom training material, deliver training sessions, coach teams, advise members of leadership and see the culture shift, leading to success as teams began adopting an agile framework. It was great to be part of this effort."


Rick during an activity at one of the quarterly Town Hall meetings.

Outside of Improving, Rick enjoys spending time with his family. He has two children with his wife, Veronica.

“One of my favorite things is to work with my son Richie, who is a mobile DJ. The cool part of this is that I was a DJ during college. Once a DJ, always a DJ. Richie and I have a great time working together when he has functions. Basically, I’m Richie’s roadie and that’s alright with me. We’ve done events with 80-100 and large proms with 1400.”

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