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Meagan Thompson // March 21, 2018
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Meet Griffin Beyer, Senior Consultant from Improving – Cleveland. He has been with the company for about two years and leads the Systems Management and Enterprise Mobility groups. 

“It’s definitely challenging to keep up with the cadence of how fast technology is released, but that’s also something that is more rewarding because you’re always on the bleeding edge of new technology,” Griffin shares. “You constantly have to learn and adapt to your environment. You have to stay that step ahead so you maintain expertise. That is the lifeblood of being a consultant.

"So it’s a double edge sword but if you really love technology and really love what you’re working with, then you’re naturally going to do it. That’s what I fall into, because I love what I do. It’s kind of cliché, but it’s the truth. This is my life."

Griffin Headshot

Griffin joined the Improving family in August 2017 when Improving acquired ProSource Solutions. With the addition of Improving – Cleveland to our offices, our company has many new offerings that we can bring to our clients.

“I love the way that Improving has embraced us and kind of assimilated us to the Improving model. It was very different from other mergers or acquisitions that I’ve been a part of in my career. I know we [Improving – Cleveland] have brought a lot of very unique things… I’m excited to see how we’re able to take our approach and move into some of the markets we’re already in with the other Improving offices.

“Another big thing about Improving that I like is if it’s a change that helps the company overall, they see it as an opportunity. They embrace change better than almost any other organization I’ve seen. I like the overall positive vibe that’s given out.”

“You constantly have to learn and adapt to your environment. You have to stay that step ahead so you maintain expertise. That is the lifeblood of being a consultant." -- Griffin Beyer, Senior Consultant

Before becoming the sixth enterprise, Improving – Cleveland already shared our commitment to culture, excellence and trust. One of Improving’s most important philosophies that has been introduced to our newest location is Conscious Capitalism, the idea that a business should have a purpose beyond simply making a profit.

“The way that Improving embraces Conscious Capitalism is a very unique thing to the company. Having that mentality instilled down and being able to have that drill home and follow it through with the Speed of Trust. You can already see changes in the way people are approaching things. I’ve been a part of other companies that have great visions and this and that, but the really big thing I see with Improving is that they follow through with everything.

“That is a huge differentiator for me and I think most people here. It makes people want to build on the foundation of what’s already in place. We’ve got some very good leadership that really trickles down to everyone and makes everyone excited about what we do.”

Last year, our Cleveland Improvers got the chance to attend the annual company retreat in Las Vegas for the first time. The retreat is filled with team bonding activities meant to introduce Improvers to their coworkers from the other offices across North America.

“Just the overall experience with Vegas was not what I was expecting. I was expecting to go out there and have it be more formalized. But it had more value than I think people realize because you’re able to see people outside of their normal heads-down work element. And just the way that other offices sought out the people from Cleveland and wanted to show their excitement and enthusiasm was very refreshing and very cool.”


Cleveland Improvers at Beer Pong

Griffin with fellow Cleveland Improvers at Company Retreat in Las Vegas.

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