Improver Spotlight - Dawn Dearstone

Meagan Thompson // May 16, 2018


Meet Dawn Dearstone, Executive Assistant and Office Manager from our Dallas office. She’s been an Improver for about four years. 

“My technical title is Executive Assistant to the CEO and Office Manager… basically I take care of everyone,” Dawn shares. “My days vary depending on if it’s a normal day or if I am planning big events like Vegas or the Christmas Party. There is a good amount of research to be done, not to mention a lot of travel to book.”

Dawn Dearstone Headshot

If you’ve been around Improving or Improvers, you’ve probably heard about our yearly retreat to Las Vegas. This is an opportunity for all of our offices across North America to come together. Without Dawn, there would be no Vegas trip. She makes sure that the reservations, itinerary, flights and activities are all set up. This past year marks the largest Vegas retreat yet, with about 175 Improvers in attendance.

"It's more than just a retreat, it's a connection experience. It's rewarding for me to sit back after all of the planning and watch Improvers from all of our enterprises come together and make new connections." - Dawn Dearstone, Executive Assistant to the CEO and Office Manager

“One of my favorite things about working for Improving is the people. I work with some of the smartest, warmest and most genuine people you could ever ask to work with or for. Everyone here is so supportive and encouraging of each other.”


Dawn with fellow Improvers when Steel City Pops came to the office.

“There are many things that make Improving stand apart. One of those things is the leadership,” Dawn shares. “They are open and very transparent about the company and where we are headed. They are approachable and accessible to you whenever you may need them. They understand the value of their employees and treat everyone from upper leadership to administration with the same amount of respect and consideration.” 

We’re glad to have had Dawn for the past four years. Not only for her excellence in planning memorable events like the annual retreat, but also because of the positivity and effort she puts into everyday tasks.

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