Improver Spotlight - Christina Liles

Meagan Thompson // August 16, 2017
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Meet Christina Liles, our Marketing Manager. She works out of the Houston office and helps the marketing team support all of Improving’s locations. Christina manages our Houston office and coordinates the training schedules and room rentals. She also travels frequently to our other offices to make sure the big events and conferences go smoothly.

“I became part of Improving in 2012 when Improving acquired Alphaware here in Houston. I started working with the marketing team to run events in Houston, and help support the other offices where needed,” Christina shares. “I don’t have a typical workday, which is why I love Improving. I wear many hats that change up my pace every day.”


Photo courtesy of The Muse.

“Improving to me is more than a company, it is a family. Everyone is supportive and encouraging. They want you to succeed and grow, no matter your position. We have a company full of brilliant people, and I love interacting with them."  

“Our biggest game changer when compared to other companies is our culture. We have a work hard-play hard mentality. Our guiding principles are up on our walls, front and center, and we live them each day. Our culture is all about dedication, involvement, excellence, and trust. We strive to be the best and represent those values as if they were our own.” 

"Our culture is all about dedication, involvement, excellence, and trust.” -- Christina Liles, Marketing Manager

“Improving cares about their employees. They care about our well-being, our growth - both professional and personal, as well as our families. The leadership teams are all grown from within, so they understand the struggles of the consultants, and have been there. They themselves are constantly looking to grow and that trickles down to others. They invest so much of their time into not only running the business, but coaching others."


Christina with the Improving BBQ team and Improvers at the Community Picnic.

Christina and her husband, Devlin, are dedicated volunteers of the Improving BBQ team, which throws an annual Fourth of July BBQ picnic. This event is open to the public and Improvers are encouraged to invite friends, family, clients and even strangers. This past year's bash brought in about 200 guests to the Dallas office and included a virtual reality space themed game as well as a dessert competition.

"We host a BBQ event in Dallas and Houston every year. It's a fun way to spend a weekend, cooking hundreds of pounds of meat and veggies for our friends. Then the day of the event, seeing everyone come together and enjoy a meal."

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