Improver Spotlight - Bethany Hilton

Meagan Thompson // February 23, 2017


Meet Bethany Hilton, one of our Account Managers. She is responsible for making sure our clients are happy and satisfied with the work that we’re doing. Bethany is a native New Yorker, but she didn’t hesitate to move halfway across the country to join the Improving family. That fact in itself exemplifies Bethany’s personality. She is a trailblazer who is not shy when it comes to accomplishing her goals and meeting new people.


We asked her what she thought set Improving apart.

“There’s a generous spirit around Improving. We love to give, we love to support people. I really believe that it’s because of our culture and the values that we have instilled into our culture; excellence, involvement and dedication. Every person that’s here in some way embodies that and you can see it in a lot of different ways,” Bethany shares. “It’s really exciting to be here and work with everyone because you know that they’re going to care about the work that they do, they’re going to be passionate about it, and they’re going to follow through and do good work.”

“There’s a generous spirit around Improving. We love to give, we love to support people."

She also believes that the character of our leadership plays a big role in who we are as a company.

“They have integrity, so they think about everyone involved. They want to make sure that we do right by our clients, but also by our employees and even the community,” Bethany says. “We have leaders that truly care about the work that we’re doing and that translates into an incredible place to work. They’re able to really take good care of us because they invest and think about who we are as individuals, not just a big collective group.”

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