Improver Spotlight - Barry Forrest

Meagan Thompson // September 20, 2017
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Meet Barry Forrest, one of our Delivery Software Consultants. Over the past seven years of being at Improving, he has worked on a wide range of projects. 

“I've worked on software to control robots with lasers, helped youth bowlers pay for college, aggregated early learning assessment scores  and helped hedge funds keep track of their investments,” Barry shares.


“Improving isn't about the work. It's about the camaraderie and friendships. I don't often get to work with other Improvers, but I know that I can always reach out to them for help and second opinions. Every month there is some sort of group gathering and the ImprovingU learning program has been an awesome way to learn from other Improvers.”

“I don't often get to work with other Improvers, but I know that I can always reach out to them for help and second opinions.”

Barry is the beer connoisseur at Improving. We like to drink (mostly local) craft beer here and Barry volunteers his time and brewing experience in helping us fill and maintain our kegs in the Dallas office. He has even started crafting his own brew and has won multiple awards.

Barry Forrest changing the Improving kegs

“The home brewing scene in Dallas was blowing up a few years ago, so the wife and I visited a few local breweries and started making our own about two and a half years ago.” 

Recently, Barry entered his “Thistle Dew” beer in the Bluebonnet Brew-off and won first place for the Scottish Ale category. He also plans on entering his brew in an upcoming competition in Minneapolis. 

This past May, Barry did his first conference talk alongside Improver Allison Pollard. He combined his knowledge of beer and software development with Allison’s coaching experience to discuss "Brewing Great Team Dynamics" using DiSC profiles at Agile Indy. Their talk was all about making a more agile team by identifying favored communication styles with DiSC profiles. 

Barry adds much more than delicious craft beer to the Improving family and we are glad to have had him for the past seven years. 

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