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Jacquie Bickel // February 28, 2022

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The trust behavior, Get Better, means to constantly improve. It is the trust behavior that drew me to Improving in the first place. Get Better keeps me constantly engaged, which means the work I do feels impactful. So, how do you get to a place in your work life where you are always getting better? It is through review, reflection, and application.



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Account reviews are one of the ways I build trust with stakeholders. This measures how our consultants, processes, and communication techniques are happening during a project.

I was talking with a client a few weeks ago and I brought up a challenging situation. This is something I knew they were not aware of, but believed it needed to be addressed. The stakeholder let me know this communication was unique and not something a lot of other consulting companies do. Many people wait too long to bring up a problem because they are afraid to address it.

But companies take notice when you bring up possible challenges, it gives both parties an opportunity to adjust a potential negative situation and work together to resolve it. This is where another trust behavior transparency, helps you get better.


What if you complete a project without a problem like the one above popping up? Whether you ran into a dozen issues or everything went smoothly, you still need to reflect.

We have weekly meetings called trust pods. These are group discussions where we go over how to live out the 13 trust behaviors. During a trust pod meeting a couple of weeks ago, my group had an interesting conversation. It was about how we tend to only reflect on what went well, instead of being retrospective on what didn’t work. We came to the conclusion that asking questions about what did not work would give us an opportunity to get even better.

The Get Better trust behavior comes down to accountability. Yes, you need to hold others accountable, but more importantly, you need to hold yourself accountable.



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What do you do with the new information you receive after examining the holes and blind spots? The most important thing to grasp when thinking about this trust behavior is that you cannot just retain the information you learn. You must apply it! The knowledge and understanding you receive have to produce something afterward, if you walk around holding tightly to a bag full of seeds and never plant them, you’re doing everyone a disservice.

The counterfeit version of Get Better is being the “internal student”. This person is always learning but never producing. We all know the people who get degree after degree, but never really apply what they’ve learned in the real world. This can be self-sabotage. You could have all that information and knowledge, but never give it a place to flourish. I believe if you don’t feel a little discomfort, you’re treading down the path to stagnancy.

Once you understand Get Better, you can apply it in the workplace and influence others so they can get better themselves. It’s continual, It’s an opportunity to lean deeper into the learner mindset.

If you would like to learn more about how we prioritize trust at Improving, reach out.

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