Dynamics CE Accelerator: Improving the Way We Train Programmers

Shelby Sansone // September 20, 2021

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Improving is home to some of the best technology talent in the world. While we want to keep and grow that talent within our organization, sometimes we get the extraordinary opportunity to help people go from Improvers to skilled employees at other companies. 

How does this happen? Through our accelerators and boot camps! In order to fully understand how they work, we will walk you through our latest twelve-week course called Dynamics CE Accelerator. This one-of-a-kind course shapes programmers into niche experts who can dominate and succeed within major companies throughout the tech industry. 

Why it's unique: 


Well for starters, participants get paid to go through the program! Most technology-related boot camps eat through the attendees' savings as they pour money into the training. But in Dynamics CE Accelerator, eleven people were interviewed to become full-time Improvers for six months to a year. So, not only will they get the education of a lifetime, but they’ll also have income. 

Participants also have a job already secured after the class! The whole point of the course is to filter the students into our client’s organization. The client gets specified experts on their team, students get amazing work opportunities, and we work with the client to fund the program successfully. It’s truly a win for everyone!  

How it was created:


A well-known business in the tech world came to us with a dilemma. Not only did they need programmers who were experts in Dynamics, PowerPlatform, and.NET, but they wanted a hand in the training process. So, our experts worked with the client to create the twelve-week, full-time program. 

How participants were chosen:

Obviously, this was a coveted course, which meant we needed to find the perfect people for it. Our client wanted current programmers with one to three years of experience. However only one out of the eleven picked students knew what Dynamics was before they were trained by us, so knowledge of the class's focus is not what we were looking for.  


Eric Sowell, Principal Consultant for Improving and primary teacher for the Dynamics CE Accelerator course.

According to the course's instructor, Principal Consultant Eric Sowell, Improving’s experts have a clever (and secret) way of finding the right talent. While we won’t tell you how the interview process went, we will share the character traits they’re trying to find.  

  • Critical thinkers 
  • Team players 
  • Problem solvers 
  • Self-motivators  
"They are not done learning at the end of the program. These participants need to be lifelong learners and driven. I'm going to help them during this process, but they've got to continue that momentum." - Eric Sowell, Dynamics CE Accelerator teacher

Now for the fun part - the class: 


If you thought this was a typical training course where there are only lectures every single day, then you’re on the wrong website. Improving is all about teaching through applicable exercises, so future employees will know exactly how to handle real-life situations. 

While there was a need for a few lectures, they had a lot of exercises and labs to do throughout the class. About halfway through, participants were put into groups of three or four. They started on a project that was specifically tailored to their future position. Then, the client came into the picture. Their team members interacted with our students and gave them feedback on their performances. During the last week of Dynamics CE Accelerator, these groups deepened their work on the projects and had them looked at once again by their future employers. 

Eric Sowell spent the entire twelve weeks as their primary teacher. Improving also flew in multiple experts from our Atlanta and Cleveland offices to share their knowledge with the class. Improving is tremendously invested in creating trusting employees who can communicate effectively. Therefore, participants gained an understanding of trust behaviors and open communication. 

"I got to learn from the best in the field on all topics related to my future company. Having Improvers from across the country come into our class, teach us a skill set, and share their own unique experiences and career paths was an awesome insight on how I would want to sculpt my own career path." - Jake Stevens, class participant

The result:


Now that Dynamics CE Accelerator is completed, ten out of the eleven participants will move on to work for our client! And don’t worry, that eleventh classmate will be staying with us at Improving.

In twelve weeks, these people changed the trajectory of their careers. They never worried about making money or exhausted themselves with finding a job after their experience. They’ll now go on to thrive in an industry that is constantly looking for specialized workers. If you are wanting to experience this incredible opportunity, we will have future boot camps! Make sure to email and we will put you on the list for upcoming interviews. 

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