Natively Compiled Java on Google App Engine

Compiling a Java application to a native binary is a great way for seasoned Java developers to reduce their application’s footprint. Your app can benefit from all the services available to Google App Engine as well as the massive scalability if your application needs it. 

6 Min Read

Unleashing Feature Flags onto Kafka Consumers

In this Tech Tuesday post, we’ll walk through using feature flags to pause and resume a Kafka Consumer on the fly.

6 Min Read

A Security Model for Developers

This guide presents a mental model for developers to make sense of the information security landscape and build more secure applications.

4 Min Read

Doing QA with a Developer Mindset

Automated tests are code and should be treated as such. Read about test automation and some best practices for writing maintainable tests. These draw on techniques and wisdom that software developers use daily.

5 Min Read

Redis Bitmaps: Storing State in Small Places

Redis is a popular open source in-memory data store that supports all kinds of abstract data structures. In this Tech Tuesday post, explore two great use cases for one of those data structures: bitmaps.

5 Min Read Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Learn basic tips and tricks for users in this Tech Tuesday blog.

4 Min Read

Tech Tuesday: Let’s build a WordPress & Kernel updated AMI with Packer

An Improver will talk you through how to build a WordPress & Kernel updated AMI with Packer in this Tech Tuesday post.

4 Min Read

Tech Tuesday: Single Node Kubernetes on Raspberry Pi 4

In this post, the author goes through steps to create a single node Kubernetes combination master and worker node on a Raspberry Pi 4.

2 Min Read

Advocating for CQRS: Command Query Responsibility Segregation

Delve into the contracts point and learn why the author so strongly advocates for the use of the CQRS pattern in the implementation of modern distributed systems.

4 Min Read