New technology code

Three questions to ask yourself when evaluating open-source technology for an organization.

4 Min Read

Medical Modernization

How Improving applied advanced technologies to the Healthcare sector with some of our clients.

8 Min Read

Lessons learned on the path to Cloud Transformation

The knowledge and lessons here will act as a reliable Sherpa helping you avoid troubles while reaching the benefits of using the cloud.

12 Min Read

Technology Code

The questions I ask myself when deciding on which new technologies to introduce to an organization.

3 Min Read

Agile Shift goes Virtual

Agile Shift Conference transistions to succussful virtual conference

2 Min Read

Dvorak or Bust

Principal Consultant Robert Leahey's perspective on staying relevant and ergonomic keyboards

5 Min Read

CodeLaunch 2019 Wrap-up

Find out what our Hackathon team accomplished at this year's event

4 Min Read

Soccer and Software

Houston-President Devlin Liles shares how teams have shaped his life

3 Min Read

The Agile Shift is Making Houston Think About Agile

Improvers across offices recently attended The Agile Shift Conference in Houston

2 Min Read