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As you expand the team and scope of your automation, your discipline must increase as well. For Automation to be valuable, we must make it trustworthy.

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While a complete system rewrite is sometimes necessary, it is not always the answer to a consultant's problem. It's best to have a rational, non-emotional discussion to figure out if a system needs to be replaced.

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To Automate or Not to Automate: Data and Information

With your first automation running, it's time to wire it into the pipeline and harness the data it will produce.

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Context-based testing in the life of Don Testa'lot Moore

Automated testing efforts start off strong and then get abandoned. Here's one technique to help build a solid practice.

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To Automate or Not to Automate: Getting Started

Successfully beginning an automation effort means picking your team well, and finding the challenges in your path before they happen.

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To Automate, or not to Automate

Automation, when done well, can be an effective solution for many teams. But before starting such an endeavor it's important to know what and why you are buying.

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Whiteboard meeting

The work software engineers do is not as rigorous as one might initially think. We actually do very collaborative and 'creative' work.

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Multi-Layered Testing Overview

Comprehensive Testing for Bug Free Development

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