Community & Culture

International Women's Day 2021

We celebrate International Women's Day by sitting down with a few Improvers to hear their thoughts

7 Min Read

Animal lovers unite at Improving - Atlanta

Improving - Atlanta participates in the Atlanta Humane Society Day of Giving Tail-o-thon

1 Min Read

Improving Vegas 2019

All 10 offices meet again for a weekend of fun and community.

2 Min Read

5 Myths for Speaking on Culture

You don't need to be a CEO or expert to speak on corporate culture. Here are 5 tips to make your talk the best.

5 Min Read

Not Your Average Summer

Improving's Summer 2019 interns look back at their time in our office

4 Min Read

Getting Started as a Speaker

Agile Coach Allison Pollard has some tips for getting your conference talks accepted.

6 Min Read

Not Your Usual Meetup

Agile for Patriots is committed to bringing skilled veterans and their spouses into the IT industry.

6 Min Read

Stop Being Afraid of Public Speaking

Principal Consultant Allison Pollard and Vice President of Consulting of Tim Rayburn answer 5 major questions you might have about public speaking

6 Min Read

Have you heard about Conscious Capitalism?

Improvers across offices share insights into what their local chapters are looking forward to this year

4 Min Read