Vital Skills of an Effective Agile Coach (From the Developers Point of View)

How being humble and bold goes hand as an Agile coach.

6 Min Read

The Difference Between Managing the Process and Managing the Goals

Understand and recognize how managing the processes and goals are different as a leader.

3 Min Read

Agile Leadership Starts With You

Become the best Agile leader you can be and see growth in your team using several practical tips.

3 Min Read

Go Lean or Go Home

This is a special blog post that goes along with our three-part series titled "The Unseen Impact on Your Agile Transformation".

6 Min Read

Why Isn’t Your Daily Stand Up Working?

Poor stand-up meetings are the symptom of a greater issue, not the problem. Learn how to make your stand-up more effective.

3 Min Read

The Unseen Impact to Your Agile Transformation II: How Not to Screw Up a Team with Process

In this post, we will look at how relying on the adoption of processes to achieve success can impact Agile transformation.

5 Min Read

What is the Core of Agile?

Learn what really is at the core of Agile, its limitations, and ultimately the extensive value it brings to teams.

4 Min Read

The Unseen Impact on Your Agile Transformation: Confirmation Bias

Let's look at how confirmation bias affects decision-making abilities on an Agile team, how to recognize when it is happening, and what to do about it.

6 Min Read

What Pixar Teaches Us About Product Ownership and Agile Leadership

What do Pixar and Agile have in common? A lot more than you think! Learn how feedback can be beneficial to create some of the most beloved movies of all time and help your Agile team thrive.

3 Min Read