A Guide to Kanban Certification Training (APK or PSK)

For team members who want to select a Kanban training course, we’ll cover the considerations for selecting either the Applying Professional Kanban (APK) or Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK) courses.

6 Min Read

What Improvers Are Thankful For This Year

Improvers share what they are thankful for this year.

3 Min Read

 Strategic Demand Management: What’s the Rush?

Strategic planning is very important to create a thriving business and to create its path for success.

7 Min Read

Think Differently About Data

Getting and understanding data is a necessity for businesses now. Understand its importance and how to think about it in a unique way as an IT team.

6 Min Read

Keys to Digital Transformation

Technology is always changing, and businesses have to continually transform with it.

9 Min Read

Vegas Retreat 2021

Improving held their 2021 Las Vegas Retreat in October! Here is how the experience was for our Improvers.

3 Min Read

Power Up with Power Apps

Power Apps is an awesome Microsoft suite to create custom apps for different business needs. Learn how to incorporate this powerful tool into your organization successfully and productively.

6 Min Read

Lean Portfolio Management: Beyond the Buzz

Explore the advantages of using Lean Portfolio Management, and learn how this Agile principle has incredible value for many organizations as long as it's used correctly.

8 Min Read

Modern Ways of Working: Complacency to Innovation

Continuous learning in the workplace is crucial, especially when it comes to systems of thinking and flow. By looking at restaurants as a template, journey through the modern way of working mindset and learn how to change for the future.

7 Min Read