Is Scrum Certification Training Worth It?

It may be debatable whether training helps open doors, get jobs, and earn respect in a company. But even when you take these things away, there is a lot of value in Scrum certifications.

3 Min Read

Agility: to Scale or Not to Scale is NOT the Right Question

In the Agile community, there is an ongoing debate about whether to scale or not to scale. Instead, leaders should demystify agility and work to let everyone in the entire organization know the core values and use them every day.

6 Min Read

Back to the Future: The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

Understand the Agile Manifesto for software development, its principles, and why they are always worth revisiting.

3 Min Read

2021: Year of the Digital Workspace

2021 is undoubtedly the year of the digital workspace. Learn about changes in virtual machines, the cloud, video conferencing, chat applications, and more throughout the past year.

3 Min Read

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for the Techie on Your List

We have a list of gifts you can get for the IT consultants in your life for any price range.

3 Min Read

Unlock Your Data

Let's look at data management and data processing concepts to enable deeper data insights for your organization.

7 Min Read

Introducing Improving Ohio

Our Columbus and Cleveland enterprises are merging to create Improving Ohio!

1 Min Read

What Really makes Scrum Work? The Importance of Values

We will look into what makes a Scrum team successful. It has less to do with roles, events, and artifacts, and more to do with values that are important to each team.

4 Min Read

A PATH Forward

Improving is extremely proud to have rolled out a new employee program called PATH. Learn how it benefits both Improvers and the company.

3 Min Read