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Improving adds value to our customers through our Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) offering which makes expertise and resources available often only offered through complex managed services agreements or engagements. Improving CSP enables our customers to have flexibility in their Microsoft cloud services licensing while offering direct access to our industry experts and a hands-on approach to ensuring your cloud presence is secure and efficient.

Improving CSP can offer complete Microsoft cloud services, including Microsoft 365, Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Windows, Dynamics 365 and Azure. Although licensing is a large piece of being a CSP, Improving values and prioritizes our customer relationships above all to ensure maximum value and efficiency with Microsoft cloud services.

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Learn more about our new partnership with Cyren. We're now able to offer Cyren Inbox Security to increase your security against email phishing attacks.

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Webinar Series

Zero Trust is something we’ve been talking about, and you probably have already started looking into what it means for your organization. Zero Trust is not a set of defined configurations for you to implement, but a framework for your cyber security practices. There is no box to check that makes you compliant with Zero Trust, but there are many features and capabilities in the Microsoft cloud that can help align you with the Zero Trust framework.

In our 2022 webinar series, we are focusing on the features and capabilities available to you to support your journey to Zero Trust. Join us as we dive into topics around identity, device and data security that align with Zero Trust principles and how you can implement them into your own environment. The journey to Zero Trust is not a one stop trip, but one with multiple waypoints all building into how you operate and manage your security technologies. We’ll be breaking these into smaller mini-series by topic to help you focus on the technologies that have the most impact for your business.

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Past Webinar Series

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Passwordless with Authenticator and FIDO

Passwordless authentication is not just a Microsoft solution, but rather a standard which Microsoft has adopted into their Windows and cloud services.  Join us to dive into “roaming authenticators” with the Microsoft Authenticator app as well as third-party FIDO2 security keys.  As we’ve covered the main concepts of how passwordless authentication works in previous sessions, this session will focus on setting up and using these two roaming authenticator options into your environment.

Passwordless with Windows Hello for Business Part 2

In part 1, we covered the concepts and the workflow behind the scenes that make Windows Hello for Business.  In this session, we’ll take a hands-on approach and dive into implementing Windows Hello for Business through technical demonstrations of preparing and using it in a real-world environment.  Join us so you can start taking advantage of Windows Hello for Business in your organization too.

Passwordless with Windows Hello for Business Part 1

Windows Hello for Business is Microsoft’s implementation of native passwordless authentication within Windows itself.  In this session, we’ll discuss how Windows Hello for Business works and how registration and authentication flow occur behind the scenes.  After joining us, you’ll have a much better understanding on what makes Windows Hello for Business so powerful and why it is a preferred method for passwordless authentication.

Introduction to Passwordless Authentication

Many of you may have heard of Passwordless Authentication but may not know where to get started using it yourself.  Join us as we dive into why Passwordless will become the new standard for identity security and how it is more effective that using multi-factor authentication alone.  In this session we’ll break down why passwords are bad, where multi-factor authentication can still have vulnerabilities and the concepts behind passwordless authentication that make it so secure.

Getting to Know Windows-As-A-Service with Windows 10 and MEM

If Windows 10 is the last version of Windows and it will continually evolve rather than be replaced, how do we keep our Windows 10 devices updated?  Keeping up with the support cycle and the modern update channels driven by a cloud first world can be confusing and challenging.  In this session, we will clarify what the Windows 10 Lifecycle is and how to keep on top of it.  We will demonstrate how to properly manage Windows 10 and prepare for major updates.  Gone are the days of new OS upgrades.  Welcome to the new world of OS management.

Mobile Device Management: Going Beyond iOS and Android

Mobile device management (MDM) was born out of the early days of smartphones, but thinking of MDM for only mobile devices is missing the Big Picture.  Why would you want to enroll your Windows devices?  What benefit does that provide?  How do you manage Windows device enrollment?  These are all questions we'll answer in this session as well as provide you guidance on getting started and enabling Windows device management in Microsoft Endpoint Manager. 

Streamlining Device Deployment with Windows Autopilot

In a work environment that has just seen the impacts of remote work, getting new devices into the hands of employees has become much more challenging.  With the evolution of Windows 10, the practice of device "imaging" is changing.  Join us as we demonstrate how you can spend less time preparing Windows 10 devices and getting them into the hands of your employees.  We'll walk you through how to prepare and enable Windows Autopilot, how to avoid common pitfalls, and give your employees flexibility in device choice and preference.

Simplifying BitLocker Deployment and Management

Endpoint encryption may just be one tool in your security toolbox, but it is an important one!  BitLocker has been around since the Windows 7 days, but how well do you really know how to use it?  As we move more to cloud, BitLocker management is no exception.  In this session we will take a closer look at how to properly enable and use BitLocker in a cloud-first world, as well as identify where many companies stumble with using endpoint encryption.

Monitoring and Responding to Endpoint Threats and Attacks

You've probably heard of Defender for Endpoint, formerly Windows Defender ATP, but do you know how to respond to active threats and attacks against your devices?  In this session, we will take a deep dive into Defender for Endpoint and show you how to set it up and actively use it.  Responding to active attacks against your devices may seem like something only the largest companies out there can do in real-time, but we'll show you how Defender for Endpoint makes this possible for everyone.  Join us to learn how to properly use Defender for Endpoint to monitor and thwart attacks in your environment.

Enforcing Device Compliance to Strengthen Security

Managing devices is one thing, but how can we use that device management to align with our cloud security?  Your cloud security posture should take a multifaceted approach, one of which should be device compliance.  Learn the ins and outs of Microsoft Endpoint management device compliance policies, how to configure them and how they integrate with other cloud security tools such as Conditional Access and Microsoft Cloud App Security.  During this session we'll not only demonstrate how to configure and apply compliance policies, but also how they impact your overall security posture.

Configuring Your Devices from the Cloud

Before cloud, management of devices was done using tools like Group Policy and Systems Center Configuration Manager.  But as we move more and more into the cloud, how can do you make that transition to Microsoft Endpoint Manager?  Join the Improving team to see first-hand how to leverage Configuration Policies in the cloud to control both your mobile devices and Windows desktops.  Learn how to implement best practices for device configuration from the cloud as well as gain insights from our experience with the good, the bad and the ugly (and especially those 'gotchas') with cloud endpoint management.

Gaining Insights from Desktop Analytics

The first step to establishing a strong endpoint management strategy is knowing what you have and where your vulnerabilities are.  Did you know Microsoft Desktop Analytics exists?  Further, did you know Microsoft lets you use it for free?  In this session, we will take a deep dive into what Desktop Analytics is and why you should be using it.  We'll also walk you through how to set it up in your environment so you can immediately start taking advantage of the insights it provides by showing you how to interpret Desktop Analytics reports.

Setting Your Sights on the Future – A Round Table Discussion

2020 was not an easy year for most of us and with all the social challenges it brought, it also introduced a whole new chapter for cyber security.  In preparation of our 2021 CSP webinar series topics, we'll start off with a round table panel discussion among some of our top technical consultants in the field to review the trends and patterns we saw in 2020 and our views on where everyone should be putting their attention in 2021.  Join us in this open discussion to ask the tough questions that are impacting your business and get advice from our team on addressing those challenges.

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