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We are a complete IT services firm, offering training, consulting, recruiting, and project services. Our innovative solutions provide sustained and meaningful value to our customers. Improving is committed to remaining tech-flexible, while at the same time providing the highest degree of expertise to our clients.

Our Services

Training & Coaching

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Agile Services

Our talented team of trainers and coaches provide Scrum certification and custom agile training solutions to hundreds of organizations each year. We provide a blend of specialized skills to cater to the unique needs of our clients, using agile values and principles as a guide.

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Our coaches/trainers can deliver half-day to one-day workshops targeted at very specific skills. These are ideal for teams or individuals looking for a quick boost that can fit into their busy schedules.

Dedicated Classroom

Improving can custom-deliver our courses to fit your teams' learning and production objectives. With your permission, we can even apply hands-on labs using your specific projects and products.

Public Classroom

Improving believes that the best way to learn is through the application of knowledge in real-world environments. We specialize in creating situated, hands-on learning solutions for our business customers in the areas of agile processes, object-oriented design, and test-driven development.


Consulting Services

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Technical Consulting

Technical consultants provide expertise, advice, and support. They troubleshoot and resolve technical problems, and install, upgrade, maintain, and evaluate products and services. They visit customers and provide hands-on training in their local environment.

Business Intelligence

We employ continuous iterative exploration and investigation of past business performance to gain insight and drive business planning. Business analytics makes extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive modeling, and fact-based management to drive decision-making.

Business Analysis

Having strong analysts who dig in and understand the business problem to be solved or the opportunity to be capitalized upon is a crucial component in the success of projects. Our business analysts apply critical thinking to project goals and objectives and clearly translate and negotiate requirements to help the team deliver timely solutions that hit the mark.

Business Process Management

We provide a full suite of business process management services. We help organizations large and small to cut costs, improve customer satisfaction, manage risk, and improve quality without automation solutions. We also help companies seeking to leverage BPM automation across the enterprise. For those firms preferring to roll out new BPM-based applications, we offer full end-to-end implementation services.

Project Management

We are experienced with leading strategic enterprise initiatives as well as targeted departmental projects from both a business and IT perspective and can foster success in both agile and traditional project environments.

Product Management

Our managers understand the challenges of product development teams and are prepared to assess opportunities, prioritize for maximum efficiencies, forecast resource availability, secure new product ideas and report progress.

User Experience

Delivering an effective user experience starts with a thorough understanding of the problem and its context. This deep understanding, along with pragmatic design principles and an industry-leading technology practice, is what differentiates us from the average web agency. User experience (UX) includes information architecture, visual design, and front-end development for mobile, web, and desktop applications.

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Partnering with Microsoft

Leveraging Microsoft's cloud-based solutions, we deliver on transformation projects focused on Modern Workplace, Data, Business Applications, Secure Applications and Infrastructure, and Cloud Solutions.

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Application Development

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The cloud offers a solution that has high availability and potential to scale. By shifting your infrastructure maintenance responsibility to someone else, you're free to concentrate on your business value: the application or service you provide. We utilize a number of cloud service providers – including Microsoft - and can help you select the cloud platform that is right for you, based on your specific business and application needs.


Mobile devices have become an integral part of how we communicate, do business, and get our news and entertainment. It’s important to have a mobile application that achieves your goals. We can help you build the right type of Android, iOS or cross-platform mobile app to provide maximum value to your customers.


Our nearshore teams are customized to integrate with your processes and business imperatives. The teams are designed to be highly collaborative either virtually, at your site, or at one of our innovation centers.

System Development

We deliver custom, extensible software solutions using Microsoft .NET, Java, Ruby on Rails, Objective-C, and open-source technologies. Our solutions feature open application architectures that are smart, productive and scalable, and transparent development processes that are fully controlled with seamless communication.

System Integration

Our consultants have deep expertise with business-critical apps and services with Azure Logic Apps across multiple industries. These solutions allow our clients to automate workflows without writing a single line of code. Capabilities of our Systems Integration include: creating business processes and workflows visually; integration with SaaS and other enterprise applications; integration of BizTalk; unlocking value from on-premises, hybrid, and cloud applications; automate EAI, B2B/EDI/HIPPA, and business processes.

Rural Sourcing

Improving's Rural Sourcing strategy is a high-value alternative to local, near, and offshore outsourcing. In this model, development centers are created in rural communities near a major university. By combining industry-leading technologists with motivated and talented university graduates, Improving has assembled some of America’s most productive and affordable development teams. Furthermore, regional proximity to major cities provides convenient access when in-person communication is desirable.

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Our consultants have years of experience in designing, building, and enhancing our clients' web experiences. Whether it's an e-commerce system, an enterprise web app, an API, or something new, we've got the talent and experience to architect, design, and build to suit.

Recruiting Services

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Contract to Hire

This service gives you the opportunity to evaluate a potential hire candidate within your own corporate culture. Our contract employee will be converted to your full-time, direct employee upon the initial contract completion. Contract to hire periods typically range from 3 to 6 months.

Direct Hire Placement

Looking for top IT talent for your organization? Let us help! We utilize our employee network and frequent user groups to tap into the local technical community. Whether the need is a Junior Developer, Agile Expert, Database Administrator, or Senior Technical Engineer, Improving has the capability to assist with filling your people needs. Hire from Improving’s trusted network to find the right match.