Cyren Partnership with Improving

Added layer of security to keep up with email attacks

Secure cloud has always been a priority for us at Improving. That became much more important over the last year as we all learned how to work through a global pandemic. As we were adapting to the challenges of working virtually from home, bad actors were working on exploiting these challenges to their advantage. The most prevalent and successful attacks are focusing on email, specifically phishing. In Microsoft’s 2020 Digital Defense Report, phishing protection has been identified as one of the top steps you can take to combat attacks.

Cyren email security image

We’ve helped numerous customers make the move to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft does a great job at message hygiene, but the sophistication of these attacks is moving at such a fast pace that using a layered security approach provides significant value. We’ve recently partnered with Cyren to offer you Cyren Inbox Security, a native cloud solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 and provides continuous, adaptive detection and remediation of sophisticated phishing threats.

You may not have heard of Cyren before, but you have benefited from their threat intelligence capabilities. Cyren has been providing embedded threat detection capabilities used by companies including Google, RackSpace and FireEye to protect over 1.3 billion users from email, web and malware attacks.

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Cyren Inbox Security offers best of breed detection of Business Email Compromise, imposter email, phishing and malware email attacks in Microsoft 365. A big challenge to addressing phishing attacks is the administrative overhead in reviewing and remediating attacks, which many IT organizations just don’t have the time to do effectively. Cyren Inbox Security reduces the time your IT team spends reacting to suspicious email by providing automated and aggregated incident remediation as well as engaging users to reduce the probability of them clicking malicious links.

Although this is a new partnership, we have already seen Cyren Inbox Security providing immediate value first-hand among our customers. Last November, advanced attackers generated a spoofing campaign focused on Zoom meeting invitations targeted at Towpath Credit Union, redirecting employees to a phishing website hosted in Google’s Appspot cloud to capture email usernames and passwords. Although full Microsoft 365 E5 email hygiene capabilities were in place, these phishing messages still made it into user mailboxes, where Cyren Inbox Security was able to detect and instantly remove these messages before users could be fooled into giving away their credentials.

“Cyren provides a unique layer of protection to our employee’s inboxes. Adding this artificial intelligence tool to our cyber security arsenal has already proven its value by catching email messages that have made it past our other layers of defense and had the potential to cause harm to our business.”

―Ed Schmuhl, Director of IT, Towpath Credit Union

With the growing threats originating in email, everyone needs to consider a layered approach for security. To see how you can increase your overall email protection, visit to learn more about what Cyren Inbox Security has to offer or reach out to Improving to start discussing how we can help your business needs.