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The Technical Coach is responsible for coaching teams in the theoretical and practical application of targeted technical needs including, but not limited to Behavior-driven Development (BDD), Test-driven Development (TDD), and similar methodologies within their purview. This role applies an in-depth knowledge of Agile frameworks, lean / agile principles, architecture, software development, testing and delivery best practices, as well as applied learning models to grow the capabilities of the IT organization and align delivery practices with necessary governance.
Facilitates formal and informal learning in key technical areas at team and enterprise levels
Coach and mentor both teams and individuals in practical application of technical concepts
Assists in developing curriculum in technical areas of specialization

Facilitates Communities of Practice (CoP) as applicable
Perform other duties as assigned
Conform with all company policies and procedures
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“My career found purpose, autonomy, and mastery at Improving. Improving’s foundation of Trust has changed everything in my career and personal life. There’s a humble pride I have partnering with fellow Improvers. We are a team of professionals driven by a persistent habit of Excellence – consistently involved in helping others Improve with purpose.”

― Ronnie Cooke, Principle Agile Consultant