Senior Python Developer

Plano, TX

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Full TimeApplication Development

Plano, TX
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This is a terrific opportunity for someone interested in a Contract/Consulting or Direct Hire Lead/Senior level developer role, interacting with all levels of the product planning, development, deployment, and maintenance, including:

Planning and development with management and product team
Front end design and development
Service and data architecture planning and deployment
Server and service management
Identifying, prioritizing, and resolving technical debt
Primary technology stack components

Elastic search


Advanced experience creating and maintaining servers and network infrastructure in Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Advanced web development experience with Python
Advanced database development and administration with PostgreSQL
Advanced experience with Elastic Search
Advanced front end website design (React/Angular)
Advanced HTML, JavaScript, AJAX and CSS required
Advanced experience with Django for building and deploying eCommerce applications
Advanced experience with open source platforms and Linux system administration
Experience with version control systems
General networking experience required

Work environment 
Small team environment with independent projects
This position will spend approximately 75% of the time on system architecture, planning and development. 25% of time is split across operational and systems maintenance tasks.
Must be detail-oriented and self-managing
Excellent diagnostic and troubleshooting skills
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Must be able to convey complex technical solutions to non-technical management

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“Being an Improver allows me to work in an environment which is both challenging and fun. I work with amazing people who truly care about the quality of their work and what they deliver to the client. We help each other find creative solutions to problems even if we're on different clients.”

― Tonya Guadiz, Principal Consultant