Sr Full Stack .NET Developer

Dallas, TX

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Full TimeApplication Development

Dallas, TX
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Sr Full Stack .NET Developer

Improving is committed to building a great place to work by cultivating an environment that fosters professional and personal relationships. We value open communication, personal growth, and shared rewards, which result in sustainable success.

Voted “best place to work” numerous times, Improving strives to create and maintain a culture that exemplifies teamwork, excellence, and fun! We believe this kind of culture encourages both the inspiration and the motivation to achieve amazing things.


Currently we are hiring a Full Stack Developer for a long-time existing project that is being rebuilt entirely! It is an event driven messaging-based architecture, entirely containerized, .NET Core on the backend and Angular (current version on the front end!)

Specifically, it is .NET Core microservices deployed Toklas containers to Amazon EKS with DocumentDB (MongoDB). An event driven architecture is being used with and AWS SNS+SQS. On the front end it’s the current version of Angular. Also used is OIDC and OAuth 2 for AuthN/Z. The area where help is needed in on the front end, using the latest version of Angular.

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“The people I am surrounded by are simply the best, and I am proud to call them friends.”

― Lori Davis, Technical Recruiter