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Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

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Full-timeApplication Development

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
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Our culture encourages both the inspiration and motivation to achieve amazing things. We are constantly striving to live out our values of Excellence, Dedication, and Involvement through the foundation of Trust. 

The Applications Developer is responsible for developing and enhancing software for custom applications and services. This role requires strong experience in Java and other high-level languages, an understanding of retail business and collaboration with a team of developers on both individual and group projects. 


• Designs, develops and maintains applications using Java and relational databases in a distributed multi-tier and service-oriented environment 

• Coordinates development activity and works directly with subject matter experts, project stakeholders and executive leadership 

• Practice Test-Driven Development (TDD) methodology

• Works with site reliability engineers to troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve production issues 

• Communicates to all levels of the organization regarding project development status, issues and production problems 

• Participates in evolving the Agile/Scrum based SDLC, ensuring that the SDLC meets the needs of the Development Team, as well as fitting within the larger organizational processes, personnel and culture 

• Monitors development activities to ensure data security and audit compliance 

• Ensures development deliverables are adequately tested 

• Partners with the Quality Assurance Team and subject matter experts to ensure that testing is complete, and that ongoing testing is addressed through various levels of automated testing 


• 4+ years of work experience in software development 

• Experience working with Agile development methodologies (Scrum) preferred 

• Designs, develops and maintains applications developed in Java (Spring MVC, JUnit, Maven, Gradel) and SQL

• Must be able work in a Test-Driven Development (TDD) environment

• Ability to work in Windows and UNIX/Linux environments 

• Strong object-oriented design and development experience 

• Ability to collaborate with developers and product owners in developing new software applications and enhancements 

• Responsible for staying current with new technology developments and techniques 

Desired Skills:

• Experience with messaging systems 

• Familiarity with Docker 

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“My career found purpose, autonomy, and mastery at Improving. Improving’s foundation of Trust has changed everything in my career and personal life. There’s a humble pride I have partnering with fellow Improvers. We are a team of professionals driven by a persistent habit of Excellence – consistently involved in helping others Improve with purpose.”

― Ronnie Cooke, Principle Agile Consultant