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Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Agile Coach

The ideal Agile Coach has the skills to work at both the Leadership and Team levels: building the supporting Agile adoption framework; providing Agile adoption guidance to Leadership; and working with Teams on the execution of Agile practices and techniques.

The responsibilities of the Agile Coach require a combination of strategy and coaching work. The role includes planning and execution of the enterprise Agile adoption program and Agile coaching with teams, individuals and leaders, including Managing Directors. It is expected that Agile Coaches will typically split their time between strategy and execution.

As an Agile Coach you will participate in the development and execution of strategies to drive agile adoption throughout the organization.  As part of the team you will be working items in the IT Project Performance Team Product Backlog. Examples include defining an Agile maturity model, establishing a Continuous Improvement Framework, teaching Agile related classes and guiding the Managing Directors, delivery managers and project leads in the establishment of reports and Key Performance Indicators.  In your role, you will also be responsible for working with the Managing Directors to establish an Agile Leadership Team that will further agile adoption within the Managing Director’s organization.

As an Agile Coach, you will also be assigned to one or more Managing Directors at a time and will be coaching the members of multiple teams on all aspects of their Agile adoption. Examples include coaching on conducting an effective Iteration 0, creating visions, roadmaps and release plans, establishing and grooming a good Product Backlog, coaching or facilitating meetings such as iteration planning or retrospectives, and maintaining release and sprint burn-downs.


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