SAP Test Automation Engineer

Columbus, OH

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Full TimeQuality Assurance

Columbus, OH
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We're Hiring a SAP Test Automation Engineer



  • ●  Review requirements, specifications, user documentation, help files, and other project documentation to ensure the quality of the products and tests to be developed

  • ●  Select and develop appropriate test automation tools, applying the latest techniques in test automation; e.g., data-driven testing

  • ●  Work with the Development team to capture and reuse automated Unit Test Cases, Test Stubs and Drivers, and other Development test objects

  • ●  Ensure proper version control and configuration management of all test objects developed and test environments used

  • ●  Develop and track appropriate test-related KPIs to ensure speed to market across the ecommerce landscape

  • ●  Ensure proper testing and integrity of transactional systems, PCI Compliance and Credit Card Processing

  • ●  Work with the Release Engineering team to create and maintain an automated nightly build verification (“smoke") test

  • ●  Trace test cases and results back to specific quality risks

  • ●  Research and document bug reports following agreed-upon processes immediately upon discovery of a quality problem

  • ●  Update test execution status following agreed-upon processes as part of regularly-scheduled test status updates


    BA/BS degree in Business, Finance, Accounting, Computer Science, Engineering, or a related discipline required with a minimum of 5 plus years of professional work experience

    - Knowledge with an automation suite of tools and CI/CD process
    - Knowledge of Magento 2 and SAP
    - Familiarity working with Credit Card Processing tools, vendors and PCI Compliance.
    - Demonstrated “questioning” attitude to continue to learn, produce results, drive KPIs, and strengthen existing relationships.
    - Demonstrated analytical abilities, including problem-solving and decision making
    - A history of delivering quality, accurate work within established deadlines
    - Ability to work in an Agile development team environment
    - Strong oral and written communication skills to effectively convey information
    - Proven analytical abilities involving complex problems, development of sound judgment, and attention to detail

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