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Columbus, OH

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Columbus, OH
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This position is responsible for writing accurate and efficient program code, updating and expanding existing programs, debugging existing programs, and testing software with both manual and automated unit test approaches in the Guidewire suite of tools (ClaimsCenter).  Create and maintain quality applications software to support the business stories.

1.  Acts independently under general supervision - using established automated software tools to add and correct functionality on  complex applications.
2. Provides technical and business leadership, mentoring, and training.
3. Develop software and integration services within the Guidewire platform.
4. Evaluates proposed system changes on complex applications to determine effort, impact, and time line within their area of  responsibility.
5. Collaborates to solve complex business across the Guidewire Suite of applications and other relevant applications.
6. Write Java and GOSU code based on system requirements.  Configure the UI and/or leverage the exiting UI framework to complete  agile stories.
7. Create and modify rules and rulesets.
8. Participate and present during code reviews and UAT sessions.
9. Participate in daily standup meetings, project checkups, and retrospectives.
10. Communicate status via defined processes and project management tools.

1. Work experience with ClaimsCenter
2. Ability to work independently under general supervision with substantial latitude for un-reviewed actions or decisions.
3. Must have an in-depth knowledge of a group’s applications (including Guidewire platform) programming system / platform.  Competent to work at the highest technical level of all phases of applications systems analysis and programming activities.
4. Must possess excellent interpersonal and communications skills, excellent problem solving skills, and the self-motivation to  improve skills and abilities as generally acquired through five years of experience.
5. Should be willing to develop an understanding of the insurance business.





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