Front-End Developer

Columbus, OH

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Full TimeApplication Development

Columbus, OH

Front-End Developer 
Location: Columbus, OH

The Front-End Developer is responsible for developing and enhancing e-commerce, marketing, and/or processes improvement web applications.  This role requires strong experience in front-end development with a focus on web and mobile application in browser-based front end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The development environment is highly collaborative and involves working within a team of developers on both individual and group projects.

•Works on a development team which may include other technical professionals, subject matter experts, project stakeholders and executive leadership
•Develops web applications with a focus on, but not necessarily limited to, the ‘front end’ implementation
•Develops software in our Agile/Scrum environment, participating in and contributing to the ceremonies and processes (daily stand-ups, code reviews, sprint retrospectives, etc.) that keep our process continually improving
•Ensures that Scrum is being followed along with other SDLC requirements such as PCI security
•Develops appropriate unit tests for his or her work, works with quality assurance professionals on the team, and generally ensures that deliverables are adequately tested
•Participates in peer code reviews

Experience + Skills:
•3+ years professional experience in software development
•Established competency with web ‘front end’ technologies (e.g. HTML(5)/CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, JSON)
•Experience w/ frameworks like React or Angular or NodeJS 
•Experience w/ libraries like Express, Koa or Hapi is a plus
•Experience w/ test tools like Mocha, Karma, Jasmine, Chai or Jest is a plus
•Experience w/ cross-browser dev/test tools like BrowserStack, Sauce Labs, PhantomJS, or Selenium Webdriver is a plus
•Experience working with Agile development methodologies (Scrum), preferred 
•Ability to collaborate with developers and product owners in developing new software applications and enhancements 
•Responsible for staying current with new technology developments and techniques
•Ability to work with the team to define test cases, metrics, and resolution guidelines
•Ability to identify underlying causes of business issues and recommend appropriate corrective action or problem resolution

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