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Columbus, Ohio

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Columbus, Ohio
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Improving is looking for a DevOps person to join our team. 



This role is primarily a DevOps position that has experience with Amazon and development in Ruby. The following are requirements for this candidate:



• Expert in AWS


• Expert in Containerized apps


• Expert in automated deployments (e.g. CircleCI) to Amazon


• Experience + Knowledge of the following AWS services: Elastic Beanstalk, EC3, RDS, Route 53, S3, CloudFront, SFTP


• Experience + Knowledge of Docker


• Experience + Knowledge of Git (especially Git Flow)


• 3+ years of Ruby on Rails experience


• 3+ years of PostgreSQL experience


• Experience with Amazon Spot Instances, EC2 Spot, Amazon Saving Plans, Shared Reservations


• Expert in Autoscaling in Amazon


• Experience with setting up monitoring/alert systems for Amazon environments

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