Improver Spotlight - Zachary Cannon

Meagan Thompson // April 19, 2017
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Meet Zachary Cannon, one of our software consultants. His current project is a large-scale Java web application. Zach is working with his team to connect big data processing to multiple interdependent services. His main role is building the backend development for the web application.

Four years ago, Zach came to us through our mentorship program at our College Station location. This location is dedicated to helping students develop their technical skills by pairing them with mentors and allowing them to help with ongoing projects. As a Junior at Texas A&M, Zach joined a team and began working with Improvers. Following graduation, Zach moved to Dallas and became a full-time Improver.

He feels there are two main reasons that Improving is different.

“There’s a family culture that we have here at Improving,” Zach shares. “I’ll come into the office and feel at home. Everybody here is friends wanting to teach you, wanting you to become better.”


“I have personal relationships with the people on my team. That’s a good relationship to have for it to be a fun 8 or 10 hours every day, but they also want to invest in you and you the same to them. So not only do you have that relationship with your immediate team, but I can go two offices over and talk to the president of the company about personal growth things or just have a good time with him and get to know him as a person. That openness and sort of camaraderie that you get with it being a family unit here, makes you want to work harder and represent the company better and kind of be the best you can be so you can apply it and make Improving look good. “


“The second reason that feeds off the family culture, is the personal growth opportunities that Improving has,” Zach says. “Because we do view all employees as family members, we want to invest in them and they want to invest in us as best we can. There’s a lot of outlets Improving pays for, not just monetarily but also through their time, to get that personal growth to the employees. That’s something you can definitely take advantage of here.”

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