Improver Spotlight - Henry He

Meagan Thompson // July 19, 2017
Our Team

Meet Henry He, one of our consultants. He has been with us for about a year and we’re glad to have him. Henry and his team work on software development for one of our biggest clients.

Henry is one of those Improvers that you will be sure to see at the monthly Thirsty Thursday or the employee cooking event. He is very involved in our community and culture at Improving.

“I like the culture of this company,” Henry shares. “My favorite memories are simply people on my team having a lot of laughter together. People here treat each other like family. Having the kind of environment that encourages this and fosters those kind of relationships, has a high priority here.”

When he’s not working on projects for clients, Henry enjoys learning more about machine learning and data science. He’s taking online classes at Udacity and has already completed a Machine Learning Nanodegree.

Right now Henry is working towards a Nanodegree to become Self-Driving Car Engineer. This class teaches computer vision, deep learning, robotics and all of the other skills necessary to build a self-driving car.

“I wanted to learn more about self-driving cars, because I'm a car guy,” Henry shares. “I found Udacity's Artificial Intelligence for Robotics course, which is taught by Sebastian Thrun. He led the Stanford team that won the DARPA Grand Challenge. He also founded Google's self-driving car team.

“I'm taking these classes because they're useful for the future,” Henry continues. “Machine learning and data science are going to be everywhere. Once self-driving cars become mainstream we will save millions of lives, because millions of people are dying from car accidents. If everybody rides in autonomous vehicles, then they'll all be saved.”


Grace, Bethany and Henry at Paint Night at Noble Rey Brewery

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