Improver Spotlight - Harold Pulcher

Meagan Thompson // May 17, 2017
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Meet Harold Pulcher! He is a Senior Consultant at Improving and is a full stack .NET Developer. Depending on the time of the day, he could be dealing with the SQL server directly or dealing with some frontend JavaScript framework and everything in-between.

Harold is also known around the Dallas office as our resident 3D printing expert. He leads printer builds and works on some of his own projects.


Harold has been working with 3D printing for nearly two years. He loves the challenges it brings and how it pushes him creatively. Harold started doing the 3D Printer Build Days when fellow Improvers, David Vibbert and Tim Rayburn, encouraged him because they wanted to learn more. He doesn’t limit his 3D Printer Build Days to just Improvers, he encourages anyone interested to look into it.

These printers aren’t your typical Inkjets that you can just plug in and start using. How well you build them, effects the quality of the prints. At the builds, Harold guides participants through the steps to ensure that their printer will be used to its greatest potential.

The encouragement Harold received from Tim and David to start hosting these classes, is a reminder as to why he likes being an Improver.

“I had no doubt that Vibbert and Tim were going to be there egging me on,” Harold shares. “Tim has this shirt that says ‘Bring more than that’ and I think that’s a lot of what we have here. I’ve never seen anywhere else where you’re surrounded by a bunch of people who want the best out of you today and will help you be better tomorrow. I don't know where you can get a collection of people like that. That’s not by accident. You have to cultivate that.”

“The fun events, like going to see Star Wars, are bonuses," Harold continues. "The real thing is being around a group of people who are smart as all get out and tops of their industries to begin with and still want to be better. They’re not laying around going ‘I’m better than anybody else. Who cares.’ That’s certainly not our attitude. Not our attitude at all. And I think it’s awesome.”


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