Senior .NET Consultant

Houston, TX

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Full TimeApplication Development

Houston, TX

Senior / Principal .NET Consultant 
(W2 Hourly, Corp to Corp, or Salaried Employee

This project provides a unique opportunity for a programmer to model a complex business domain, leveraging advanced object-oriented design (OOD) techniques to create an extensible, robust, and maintainable software system with an expected minimum lifetime of 15 years.

Developers actively participates in the full software development lifecycle, one of the best implementations of agile software development found in Houston. Participation requires collaboration with activities from planning through deployment.

Due to the highly collaborative development environment, the candidate must have a predisposition to work in a team-based setting.

Required Experience:
Object-oriented, server-side programming in C# 2 (or newer) 5+ years
Unit testing with a library like MBUnit, MS Test, NUnit, or xUnit 5+ years
Mocking with a library like Moq, NMock, Rhino Mocks, or Microsoft Fakes 3+ years
In-browser ECMAScript® (JavaScript™) 3+
jQuery / jQuery UI / Knockout.js (or comparable…) 2+ years
Enterprise-level messaging with a JMS- or AMQP-compliant messaging system 2+ years
Source code management with Microsoft TFS, Subversion, Perforce, or CVS 4+ years
Object-relational mapping library such as NHibernate or Code-First Entity Framework 3+ years
Dependency injection with a library like Autofac, Ninject, StructureMap, or Unity 3+ years
ASP.Net \ MVC 3+ years

Preferred Skills and Experience
• At least 1+ years of at least three of the skills listed in the Skills section above.
• Deliberate practice with knockout.js
• A well-defined philosophy of OOD spanning concerns from class- to system-level construction
• An understanding of using ReST for building an application and a provable ability to explain that understanding
• Familiarity with the URI, JSON, HTTP/1.1, WebSocket, and URI Template specifications
• Previous work experience participating in an iterative, test-driven, pair-programming environment
• Working knowledge of cross-browser development issues targeting Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox
• Deliberate practice with ASP.NET SignalR
• A conversant knowledge of OOD patterns including the “Gang of Four” patterns and Fowler’s Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture
• Some practical awareness of the SOLID Principles of object-oriented programming
• One year of professional Python programming experience
• Experience developing software for energy-related industries.

Only those authorized to work in the US please.

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“Being an Improver allows me to work in an environment which is both challenging and fun. I work with amazing people who truly care about the quality of their work and what they deliver to the client. We help each other find creative solutions to problems even if we're on different clients.”

― Tonya Guadiz, Principal Consultant