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Houston, TX

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Full TimeApplication Development

Houston, TX

We are looking for Integration Developers who can design and build applications within custom C#, MVC and web platforms. This project provides a unique opportunity for a programmer to model complex business domain, leverage advanced object-oriented design (OOD) techniques to create a robust and maintainable software system with an expected minimum lifetime of 15 years.   

Technical requirements:

- Enterprise-level messaging using NServiceBus, MassTransit, JMS, AMQP or similar

- Unit testing with a library like MBUnit, MS Test, NUnit, or xUnit

- Object-oriented, server-side programming in C#

- Source code management with Microsoft TFS, Subversion, Perforce, or CVS

- Object-relational mapping library such as NHibernate or Code-First Entity Framework

- Mocking with a library like Moq, NMock, Rhino Mocks, or Microsoft Fakes

- Dependency injection with a library like Autofac, Ninject, StructureMap, or Unity



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“Being an Improver allows me to work in an environment which is both challenging and fun. I work with amazing people who truly care about the quality of their work and what they deliver to the client. We help each other find creative solutions to problems even if we're on different clients.”

― Tonya Guadiz, Principal Consultant