Build Engineer

Houston, TX

Opportunity Details

Full TimeDevOps

Houston, TX

Main responsibilities-
Optimization of existing build systems to enable faster and more reliable development.
Evaluation / Recommendation of tools and practices to solve complex software development, packaging, and deployment issues.
Assess, plan and assist the product teams with the design of release packages prior to deployment into the environments.
Produce software builds and carry out fault diagnosis relating to build failures.
Facilitate discussion and conflict resolution on build and release issues.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-
Significant experience gained in an IT operations or systems integration role.
Experience in a range of version control, continuous integration and build automation tools and approaches (including open source solutions) e.g. MSBuild, TFS, CMake, PowerShell, RPMs, Subversion, Jira, Maven, Hudson, Puppet.
Experience working with Nuget packages and dependency management systems.
Experience with multiple language environments, and complex multiple project builds.
Experience working with server virtualisation technologies such as VMware, Hyper-V
Experience working with Windows server environments and SQL servers
Experience working with SOA enterprise integration technologies such as IBM WebSphere or JBoss is highly desirable.
Ability to work proactively and collaboratively with third party vendors and their support departments to aid issue resolution.
Experience working on large scale projects, and working in an environment which is running multiple concurrent builds.
Experience using Agile approaches such as SCRUM, TDD, User Stories, Release Planning, Retrospectives.
Experience using testing frameworks and runners in build/test/deploy workflows.

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“Being an Improver allows me to work in an environment which is both challenging and fun. I work with amazing people who truly care about the quality of their work and what they deliver to the client. We help each other find creative solutions to problems even if we're on different clients.”

― Tonya Guadiz, Principal Consultant