Senior Ruby Developer

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

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Direct HireApplication Development

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Senior Ruby Developer

 Position Summary

   We are looking for a progressive thinker, who can identify problems and bring innovative solutions to the business. Use technology as a tool introduce and pursue the paradigm shift in both processes and products. Work closely with business and participate in product/process innovation session streamline operations. Identify technology trends and introduce them to the team. A critical thinker who can architect, design, and develop custom solutions by performing software, system, and requirement analysis to provide scalable, reliable, and secure solutions adhering to the software development lifecycle. Perform peer code reviews, coordinate production releases with product owner and stakeholders within the organization.  Communicate team’s progress to reporting manager.


Duties & Responsibilities:

·         Build APIs and web applications using Ruby on Rails and Elixir to handle complex data models.  Java Script/jQuery/React/Angular work is required.   

·         Attend to both business and technical considerations when designing solutions.  

·         Take responsibility for technical decisions and direction of one or many projects/teams. 

·         Manage team demands and delegate technical execution or responsibilities when appropriate. 

·         Serve as primary point of contact for communicating technical expertise with client side. 

·         Direct technical aspect of operations related to escalated client accounts or high severity issues as they affect or confront a project or team.

·          Improve the company’s technical awareness, depth and use of technology across the business. 

·         Participate in the evolution of company level best practices, standards and policies as it relates to software development. 

·          Provide thought leadership as it relates to emerging technologies and readying company engineers for productively integrating the same into the business.  

·         Performing duties of Project Manager/Scrum Master. Coordinating database modeling, engineering architecture, and software releases.

·         Promote software development best practices, create efficient solutions with an emphasis on ROI, adhere to Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA guidelines.

·         Coach/Mentor the team member to promote growth within the team. Identify emerging leaders, contribute to employee retention and develop highly productive teams.



·         Education: Bachelor degree in computer science or related professional experience.

·         4 years + in Software Development

·         Software Development Languages: Ruby on Rails, Elixir/Phoenix, Python, PHP.

·         Database: SQL with emphasis on MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server. Document Database: MongoDB,

·         Queue and Caching Technologies: Kafka, Redis, RabbitMQ, Logstash, Memcache

·         UI: HTML5, CSS3, CoffeeScript, ECMAScript6, D3 or similar charting, Google Analytics and Maps APIs. Must have cross-Browser experience including Internet Explorer and Webkit.

·         Infrastructure: Experience with cloud hosting services like AWS. Management tools like Chef, Ansible, Docker

·         SDLC Concepts: Continuous Integration using tools like Jenkins, RSpec, and Cucumber. 

·         Statistical analysis tools like AppSumo and Kibana.

·         Full-text Linguistics Analysis, Search, and Extraction using Regular Expressions, Elastic search, or similar.

·         CS Concepts: Machine learning, Natural language processing, Service-Oriented Architecture, Gang of Four Design Patterns

·         Platform: OS X and Linux knowledge mandatory. Microsoft Windows optional.




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