System Engineer

Columbus, OH

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Full TimeApplication Development

Columbus, OH

We’re hiring for a full-time passionate, innovative and skilled Senior System Engineer to provide software engineering expertise to build out web and embedded applications. 


Job Responsibilities:

  • Build high quality, secure, performant software to be used on client sites, public/private APIs and AAT platforms.
  • Build Web applications with Public facing, secure, Restful endpoints.
  • Build embedded software, think Raspberry Pi and small computers located at remote client sites.
  • Understand security implications of the code you are writing that will be installed in PCI environments.
  • Work with team and customers to develop and establish product architecture and SLAs.
  • Work with clients to develop products roadmaps and support sales engineering role when needed.
  • Work with outside development vendors to ensure work is up to AAT asthetic/coding/security standards.
  • Maintain working knowledge of applicable coding standards including but not limited to, PCI v3.x, NACS XML (, continuously evaluate/advocate for new technologies and processes, maintain personal professional development.


  • 5+ years of experience in software development
  • Use Node JS extensively server side.
  • NIX/CLI - Need to have a strong understanding of Linux/Unix command line and command like tools (think nmap, chroot, sed)
  • TCP/IP stack - We work in client networks and need to be able to debug issues out software/hardware is having.
  • OS development - Kernel builds with tools like Ansible, Yocto Layers
  • Restful APIs & HTTP methods - working knowledge of concepts like POST/GET/PUT/DELETE/PATCH and structured data formats like JSON, XML and YAML
  • Amazon Web Services (ex. Lambda, IoT, EC2, IAM, DynamoDB)
  • Very organized, detail oriented professional.
  • Able to work independently to ensure timely and accurate completion of projects.
  • Able to communicate progress and request assistance when needed.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Version control software - Working knowledge Git preferred
  • C, MQTT, Redis, Pic Assembly



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