Software Test Engineer

Columbus, OH

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Full TimeQuality Assurance

Columbus, OH

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We’re Hiring a Software Test Engineer!

Build an extensive suite of QA tests to insure improved user experience and smoother upgrades.

Stack details:

  • Browser-side: React w/ flux, some pug/jade templates for website content.

  • Client-side: Node, rethinkdb - all server-side code itself runs on AWS Lambda - no traditional application servers

  • Utilize Amazon Web Services heavily - S3, Cognito, API Gateway, Lambda, EC2 instances (database only)

Job Responsibilities:

  • Ability to write automated tests, written in Jest. We're Starting with smaller unit tests, building off those into bigger end-to-end testing. The goal is to transition to a test-driven development environment.

  • Work with JavaScript

  • Work independently and is not shy about asking questions.


  • Software Development: 3 years

  • Software QA Testing: 1 year

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